28 Jun 2010
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SmartPay adopts 2degrees

SmartPay has expanded its service offering to include prepay top-ups for New Zealand’s most recent entry in to the mobile network market, 2degrees.

SmartPay already supports mobile top-ups for the Telecom and Vodafone networks and the firm says that 2degrees was added in response to its “rapid growth”.

Ian Bailey, SmartPay’s Managing Director, said it’s increasingly common for prepay users to have multiple phones across multiple networks.

“It makes good commercial sense for us to offer this service. It rounds out our offering and allows our merchant customers to capture all top-up opportunities, regardless of network. That’s good for SmartPay, and for our customers.”

Bailey also said that the deal will help the company achievable its target current financial year, which is between $7 million and $10 million before tax.

“We’re looking at each and every opportunity to grow our business,” he said. “This initiative, while small, will help us to reach our goal as it is incremental business.”

2degrees recently cut the cost of its prepay rates between networks by nearly a third, which it says is the lowest rate in New Zealand.

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