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Snowflake's Data Clean Rooms now available after Samooha acquisition
Wed, 3rd Apr 2024

Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, has announced the general availability of Snowflake Data Clean Rooms to customers in AWS East, AWS West, and Azure West. The new feature is designed to improve the way enterprises securely share data, collaborate, and achieve valuable business outcomes in the Data Cloud. The announcement comes as a result of Snowflake’s recent acquisition of data clean room technology provider, Samooha.

Samooha has now been fully integrated into the Data Cloud. As a result, Snowflake has augmented its services with a unified set of compliance, security, privacy, interoperability, and access capabilities—a feature set now known as Snowflake Horizon.

With data privacy and security becoming an ever-growing concern, businesses working with sensitive data need solutions that allow them to share information with external partners and customers in a secure way. Responding to this demand, data clean rooms have surfaced as the preferred solution, providing a platform where multiple parties can collaborate and analyse sensitive data without granting direct access to the underlying data. Traditionally, this technology was mostly deployed by large organizations employing technical data privacy experts.

However, thanks to Snowflake Data Clean Rooms, businesses of any size can now deploy a cross-cloud data clean room quickly and easily. Available as a Snowflake Native App, enterprises can unlock new business value from data across sources, all while adhering to the governance, security, and privacy parameters of Snowflake.

The Snowflake Data Clean Rooms also enable secure collaboration on sensitive data without incurring any additional costs. The solution also provides access to Snowflake’s open, neutral, and interoperable data clean room ecosystem offering turn-key third-party integrations and solutions across enrichment, identity, activation, and public cloud providers.

Built on the Snowflake Native App Framework, Snowflake Data Clean Rooms come to your data, eliminating the need for data to ever leave the governance, security, and privacy parameters of Snowflake. This acts as not only a measure for maintaining privacy, but one which allows for richer analytical insight with business partners.

Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan, Samooha Co-Founder and Snowflake Data Clean Rooms Director of Product Management, remarked on the development of the product, stating, “Data Clean Rooms have become a staple across industries in the face of third-party cookie deprecation and Snowflake is uniquely positioned to help marketers across the ecosystem realize the benefits of secure, cloud-agnostic data collaboration.”

The technology has been initially adopted by media and entertainment companies as a way to personalise services for their customers while adhering to growing technology and regulatory privacy contexts. Data clean rooms are also making waves in other highly regulated industries like financial services and healthcare for secure collaboration on highly sensitive data.

Existing Snowflake platform users can now access additional privacy and governance capabilities, with the introduction of Snowflake Data Clean Rooms. As businesses continue to navigate the complex landscape of data security and privacy, Snowflake is setting itself apart by offering dynamic solutions to accommodate the evolving needs of its customers.