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Software satisfaction - or your money back

02 Apr 2012

It’s a reality of the business software world that giving satisfaction guarantees is a no-no, and for good reason.  After all, there’s just no way to quantify and qualify what ‘delivery’ will be when software is an indiscernible maze of features and functions – not to mention fully outline the possibilities on offer in one sales demonstration.


The challenge starts with having an all-encompassing knowledge of every function in the product, and attempting to assess and promise ideal outcomes to the prospective client.  You’ve also got to meticulously run through textbook match-ups demonstrating how every function of the software will integrate with the actual processes going on inside the business. 


However, one Auckland-based ERP software consultancy has been dedicating its time to evaluating whether it can offer a satisfaction guarantee, and has decided it’s time to overhaul the tradition.


Grant Harwood, sales & marketing director for GlobalBizpro, says by offering a 100% money-back guarantee, his company is ensuring that their customers can commit to projects without having to worry that the decision may come back to bite them. 


"We’ve spent the past year working through this question,” Harwood says.


"Many executives in senior positions now will have started out in the 80s, and probably experienced a software project that crashed and burned, leaving everyone out of pocket and the business relationship in tatters.”


Harwood says the guarantee allows customers to engage with the software on offer without the element of risk that usually comes with such decisions.


"This is a big step towards making sure our customers are comfortable with the decision to buy new software products.” 


You can contact GlobalBizpro by texting ‘software’ to 244, emailing, or visiting the company’s website