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Spark launches uncapped wireless broadband, a Kiwi first
Wed, 4th Mar 2020
FYI, this story is more than a year old

As of the end of February, Spark has launched its wireless broadband offering for businesses across New Zealand.

Business Flexible Broadband offers companies uncapped data for wireless broadband, which is not only a first for Spark but a first for the country.

The plan offers business customers tiered pricing options on the data they consume and uncapped data as needed, Spark states.

The most affordable option is the Business Flexible Broadband on Wireless for $79 (excluding GST) per month for 120GB of data. The next tier is $89 (excluding GST) for over 120GB. On Fibre plans cost $89 (excl. GST) per month for 120GB of data and $99 (excl. GST for more than 120GB).

Spark is also offering plans with unlimited calls, starting from $89 (excl. GST) a month for 120GB data on the wireless plan and $99 for 120GB on the fibre plan.

According to Spark, these plans were designed to make wireless broadband a great option for business customers who want affordable, flexible, new generation broadband with plenty of data.

Spark New Zealand customer director Grant McBeath says, “Over the last few years, we've been extensively upgrading our existing network, including adding new mobile sites to meet our wireless broadband customers capacity requirements.

“While previously, wireless broadband was a great option for low to medium data customers, removing data caps on Sparks Business Flexible Broadband plan makes wireless broadband a viable option for more business customers than ever before.

Spark's wireless broadband runs over the company's 4G mobile network and is available to eligible customers only. Spark states that a fair use policy applies, so this product won't be right for customers who need huge amounts of data.

For those businesses with high data needs where wireless broadband is not a viable option, Sparks Business Flexible Broadband is also available on fibre, depending on their specific business requirements, Spark states.

This latest offering from Spark is part of the company's broader Upgrade New Zealand plan, which aims to move customers to newer broadband technologies such as fibre and wireless broadband.

McBeath says, “We know that owning and running a business comes with many day-to-day stressors. We're really pleased to offer eligible business customers the flexibility of having just one plan for their broadband needs, which flexes depending on their individual data requirements each month.

“And with the bonus of personal support from local business hubs, for our business customers, Business Flexible Broadband is one less stress in their busy lives.

Businesses can check whether Business Flexible Broadband is an option for them by contacting the dedicated team at their local Spark business hub or business contact centre.