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Spark to offer Android's zero-touch enrolment solution

17 Dec 2019

Spark is now one of the first New Zealand carriers to offer Android’s zero-touch enrolment solution, which gives businesses and government agencies the flexibility to work anywhere, any time, on any device.

This seamless and secure deployment solution enables companies to pre-configure settings, management, and applications for their staff so that mobile and tablet devices are up and running the minute they are taken out of the box.

Spark Managed services lead Michael Stribling says it makes large-scale rollouts of Android devices faster, simpler and more secure for businesses, staff and IT teams.

“With Android zero-touch enrolment, we’re enabling businesses and their staff to be productive from the get-go. By using an automated enrolment method, Android devices can be used at scale with enforced security,” says Stribling.

“It means that inhouse IT specialists can save potentially hundreds, if not thousands of hours that would otherwise be spent setting up each individual device before staff members can begin working.”

Google outlines that mobile computing is essential to competing in the digital economy, but mobile-driven digital transformation can be a challenge.

IT teams traditionally need to spend time configuring and provisioning new apps, which takes time away from critical IT activities. Google developed zero-touch enrolment to be fast, simple and secure.

Zero touch enrolment enables large scale Android deployments across multiple device makers so organizations can mobilise their employees with ease, the company states.

“Supported by a growing ecosystem of device manufacturers and management providers, zero-touch allows users to configure purchased Android devices online, while the devices are delivered direct to end-users for out-of-the box activation. Automated deployment reduces dependency on internal IT support, while accelerated device delivery and simplified activation processes create better user experiences. Everybody wins with Android zero-touch.”

 “We can help ease your inventory management by leveraging the zero-touch portal to directly assign devices to your organization to manage. Device details are automatically added to your inventory after purchasing from a zero-touch reseller partner.”

Spark outlines further key benefits of zero-touch enrolment: 

  • Quickly deploy a fleet of Android devices at scale with enforced management and security
  • Create device configurations in the cloud and have them automatically pushed to devices during setup
  • Directly assign devices to your organisation for management.

Android zero-touch enrolment is one of a number of new products, services and solutions delivered by Spark’s Business and Government team – one of the largest New Zealand-owned technology services business, with more than 1,500 certified experts in network, security, cloud, collaboration, mobility, software, data and analytics, and design.

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