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Sparx Solutions earns elite Juniper AI-Driven Enterprise recognition
Thu, 8th Feb 2024

Sparx Solutions, a managed and professional services provider, has become one of the first Australian and New Zealand firms to achieve Juniper AI-Driven Enterprise solutions provider-level accreditation by Juniper Networks. This recognition places Sparx Solutions among an elite class of global network partners and extends a multi-year relationship between the two businesses. The accreditation highlights Sparx's commitment to providing leading-edge AI-driven networks while broadening access to managed and professional services solutions for managing wireless environments to its enterprise customers.

Having collaborated with Juniper Networks for nine years through the Juniper Advantage Partner program, Sparx Solutions now has over 11 highly trained team members accredited on the Juniper Mist AI solution. With expertise in wireless networking, among other solutions, Sparx Solutions offers its solutions to over 200 customers.

Mist AI technology, developed by Juniper Networks, utilises a blend of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science techniques to simplify operations across wireless and wired access domains as well as SD-WAN. Facing increased concerns over data privacy and security in the post-COVID era, businesses are leaning towards wireless solutions that correspond with their flexible office and facility environments. The Executive Director of Sparx Solutions, Mario Antoniou, stated, "Juniper Mist AI is the clear leader in enabling this flexibility in a highly secured way and Sparx is excited to be able to collaborate closely with our customers to ensure they take maximum advantage of its benefits."

The recognition by Juniper of Sparx's capabilities is expected to further empower Sparx's customers in their endeavour to extract productivity gains from their Wi-Fi environment. Antoniou also pointed out the significance of Mist AI in fulfilling the needs of businesses transitioning to a wireless-first approach, "We help customers maximise the efficiency of these networks while helping them take advantage of some of the AI-based benefits of Mist AI, including the unprecedented real time monitoring and incident reporting capabilities it provides, saving time and money on management."

Underlining Sparx's credentials as a Juniper security and cyber specification specialist, Antoniou reassured customers about their comprehensive approach towards data and information security, stating that "customers don't have to have wireless experts on their IT team."

Darrin Latrou, the Area Partner Director of Australia and New Zealand for Juniper Networks, expressed his excitement about strengthening their relationship with Sparx Solutions, saying, "This partnership not only strengthens our long-term relationship but also paves the way for a transformation that will redefine the landscape of connectivity in the region with Mist AI. Together, we are building a brighter and more connected future."