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Spectralink rolls out new portfolio in New Zealand

08 Sep 2015

In order to capitalise on the opportunities presented by the connected world, Spectralink has updated its 7000 portfolio of DECT handsets, including the addition of new models to the series. The 7522 DECT handset is available now in New Zealand.

Spectralink creates purpose-build devices to aid workplace mobility and is a provider of in-building wireless communications solutions.

Today, organisations are increasingly looking for devices that offer flexible mobility alongside the secure reliability required for the workplace, says Spectralink.

Designed with reliability and durability in mind, the Spectralink 7000 Portfolio handsets are built to address these challenges.

They cater especially to usage within demanding workplace environments like those of the retail, manufacturing and healthcare sectors, the company says.

Spectralink will be rolling out upgrades to its 7000 Portfolio of handsets over the course of the remainder of the year, with updates to the functionality, design and usability of the devices, according to a statement.

“The latest refresh of Spectralink’s DECT portfolio demonstrates our continued dedication to solving the growing demand for workplace mobility and communications,” says Dan Mondor, Spectralink CEO.

“By adding new functionality to the DECT handsets, staff can be more efficient while also ensuring they operate safely in the most demanding workplace environments,” he says.

The first of these updates is the 7522 DECT handset, which maintains the form factor’s existing feature set, including a large colour display and intuitive menu structure, while also providing support for Software Updates over the Air (SUOTA).

This means that device software can be updated from a central location over the air, rather than having each handset manually updated.

All Spectralink 7000 Portfolio handsets are specialised for use in environments from general office applications to intrinsically safe surroundings, the company says.

Additionally, the handsets support integration with third-party applications to maximise their performance in manufacturing and healthcare environments.

All Spectralink 7000 Portfolio handsets are interoperable allowing for deployments with a mix of handsets.

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