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Starline unveils advanced power monitor M70 CPM to boost energy efficiency
Mon, 29th Jan 2024

In the expanding digital world where AI and Machine Learning are gathering pace, there is a growing demand for more advanced infrastructure to keep up with these high-compute technologies. Power quality monitoring becomes paramount to ensure data centres can effectively support these developments. In this light, Starline, a brand by Legrand, has introduced its third generation of Critical Power Monitor products, the M70 CPM, to the global market.

The Starline Critical Power Monitor (CPM) was initially launched in 2014 and swiftly became the top option for power busway monitoring for significant data centre providers worldwide. The M70 CPM aims to provide site managers at diverse facilities, including data centres and hospitals, with an easy, reliable, real-time solution to monitor energy consumption.

The M70 CPM offers an unparalleled level of granularity, whether the need is for power feed, branch-circuit monitoring, or even a stand-alone enclosure. The meter has comprehensive features, including innovative temperature monitoring technology, audible alarms, and a pivoting display for easier visual accessibility.

In addition, the M70 CPM comprises redesigned LED and LCD displays for real-time visual data. Consequently, the M70 CPM will significantly impact the power monitoring process across various industries.

With over 30 years of experience providing flexible and reliable power distribution systems, Starline continues to lead the way in energy efficiency. The latest generation of their flagship meter, the M70 CPM, is predicted to greatly assist site managers in increasing efficiency and optimising their electrical infrastructure in the context of escalating global energy consumption.

John Berenbrok, Product Director at Starline, elaborates, "With the M70 CPM, we are demonstrating not only our commitment to listening to our customers' needs but also our desire to innovate through our products, with the aim of improving lives."

"The M70 builds on our legacy of being at the forefront of technology, especially as it is also the only meter that works optimally with track busway systems thanks to its compact size. It outperforms most other power monitors on the market today, allowing up to six current transformer inputs versus the one or two that others permit."

"The M70 CPM is robust, innovative and flexible, expressly designed to provide customers with the critical information they need to increase energy efficiency and reduce costs through preventative maintenance," says Berenbrok. 

Other remarkable attributes of the M70 CPM include single-, two- and three-phase power outlet monitoring, measured neutral, optional Wi-Fi, daisy-chain Ethernet and Modbus standard on all versions, AC or DC versions, circuit breaker position sensing, end feed lug temperature monitoring, advanced security features, and access to myriad built-in alarms.

The launch of the M70 CPM reinforces Starline's commitment to supporting global industries with innovative technologies for more efficient power monitoring. As the world prepares for ascending energy consumption rates, the M70 CPM stands ready to provide those within demanding industries with the tools they need to perform their operations more energy-efficiently.