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Startup seeks to solve smartphone 'dying battery anxiety'

By Catherine Knowles, Mon 10 Aug 2015
FYI, this story is more than a year old

A startup known as DougieTek is in the process of developing a prototype of a product designed to replace smartphone batteries and solve charging issues.

Known as RADRE2nd (which stands for Regeneration of Animated Domains Rhythmic Energy), the technology is an electronic circuit that produces energy, is smaller in size than an average phone battery, and has a life expectancy of 2-3 years.

Consumers will pay a monthly flat rate for the service, according to the company.

Nathaniel Douglas, DougieTek founder, says this new technology is built on the core principals of mobility, accessibility, reliability and sustainability.

“The technology, now entering final stage of development, will be integrated within mobile devices as a battery replacement; while after-market power modules with monthly contract billing and prepaid service, provide options,” he says.

According to Douglas, the product has 'lucrative potential' and 'international appeal' as it aids an increasingly mobilised world where robust battery life is sought after.

Douglas is an alternative energy researcher, physicist and the solo developer of RADRE2nd.

He says DougieTek has surpassed proof-of-concept prototyping with seed funding raised from Family and Friends investments. Now, it is seeking $60 million in venture capital investment.

These funds will enable the company to start developing its production prototype and manufacturing blueprint, according to Douglas.

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