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Study: Enterprises drowning in own apps

09 Apr 2010

Inadequately managed data growth a problem of epic proportions, says Informatica survey.

Titled 'Unplugged: 2009 OAUG ResearchLine Survey on Enterprise Application Information Lifecycle Management', the study details the challenges IT is facing because of the surge in data flowing through today’s enterprise applications and databases.

The research claims that most organisations are only just beginning to take the steps necessary to address the challenges facing IT and that 35% of respondents lack “a grasp on how to manage the growing data volumes within their enterprise applications.” 

Key points included the need for “a more focused effort” toward applying information lifecycle management techniques to databases and applications to proactively manage data growth. And it concluded by saying that database archiving will continue to be an internal enterprise challenge requiring the proper tools and approaches to handle the growing volumes of data.

“The results are a wake-up call for business enterprises of all sizes,” said David Ferguson, President, Oracle Applications Users Group. “Armed with the timely feedback, progressive organisations would be wise to seek a proactive and holistic ILM path for managing the growing terabytes of enterprise wide data.   The survey’s call to action underscores the value when applications and data are managed effectively from development, test and early production all the way through to archive and retirement.”     Adam Wilson, General Manager, Information Lifecycle Management, Informatica, “Inadequately managed data growth is fast becoming a problem of epic proportions, with some enterprise applications and databases increasing in size by as much as 50% a year. To date, most enterprises have only focused on managing data growth for their email and file systems.  Enterprises now need to apply these same principals to the structured data stored in their databases, data warehouses and enterprise applications. Forward looking enterprises should consider implementing solutions, such as database archiving, application retirement, test data management, and data masking solutions that can help them gain significant competitive advantage by spending less time and money maintaining existing systems and more time supporting new, more strategic initiatives.”