07 Jul 2011
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Symantec launches latest end-point security

Symantec has launched the latest version of Endpoint Protection, claiming it provides ‘unrivalled protection and blazingly fast performance’.

Symantec Endpoint Protection 12 uses the company’s community and cloud-based reputation technology Insight, leveraging the technology to reduce the overhead of virus scanning by up to 70% by automatically identifying and whitelisting Symantec-trusted high-reputation files. It also uses a hybrid behavioural-reputation engine, SONAR, to monitor applications for suspicious behaviours in order to block zero-day and highly targeted threats in real time, while Symantec’s intrusion prevention system technology blocks attacks at the network layer.

A small business version, Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition, is also available and features the same technologies.

Symantec says independent tests in both virtual and physical environments, showed the software defended against more real-world threats than comparable solutions from McAfee and Trend Micro. Other tests indicated the software completes an on-demand scan in about half the time, with 49% less disk bandwidth.

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