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Sysdoc partners with Change Awards for data-driven change management
Fri, 2nd Feb 2024

London-based Sysdoc has joined forces with the Change Awards, promoting the concept of data-driven change management. The new partnership advocates change management through the coupling of behavioural science and data-driven transformation. Sysdoc assists businesses in their endeavour to manage change successfully, underlining the crucial process of implementing successful, sustainable new methods of operation.

The core elements of Sysdoc's approach include a determined focus on people, a discernible end-goal for the journey of change, and a data-driven attitude towards decision-making, ensuring the successful implementation of change. Measuring the effectiveness of change management can be daunting, nevertheless, data-driven change management has been found advantageous to corporate practice, lending transparency to the purpose of any change intervention.

Data-driven change management can alleviate cognitive biases and other hurdles that obstruct rational decision-making. An overwhelming majority of businesses utilise the data at their disposal, in conjunction with technology, to make informed business decisions. Meanwhile, artificial intelligence (AI) is anticipated to support predictive change analytics in future. For now, enriched reporting alongside data ensures that change leaders are empowered to make decisions in relation to their change management programmes success.

Jo Bracey, Head of Transformation Change at Sysdoc, said: "The profession of (Organisational) Change Management is changing! Like most jobs, Change Management is not immune to the relentless advance of data analytics, digitisation, Machine Learning and AI, so we need to start to adapt how we work, or could our profession become redundant? We change managers, we don't want change to happen to us. So, how do you manage change in the change managers? The debate starts here."

Meanwhile, looking ahead towards the future sees the potential for AI-enabled change management. Referred to as the 'minority report', it offers a way to predict potential happenings even before deciding to invest in a change initiative. Sysdoc enables organisations to land changes successfully, garnering robust support from the Change Awards. Sysdoc is on a mission to promote change management and raise awareness to other organisations by cajoling companies to persist with their digital transformation.

Margo Waldorf, Founder at Change Awards, upon this announcement, commented, "We are delighted to announce our collaboration with Sysdoc to support and contribute towards their outstanding efforts. During this transformative period, internal change management is essential to ensure continued business success. Sysdoc's dedication to guiding and empowering businesses through this era is commendable, and we are excited to partner with them to witness the journey ahead. Together, we look forward to achieving remarkable things and making an impact within change management."

The Change Awards celebrates the contributions of individuals, teams, and organisations to the realm of change management and offers support during the navigation of novel business models. To augment the promotion of awareness, Sysdoc has become a sponsor for the 2024 Change Awards.