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Tablet market to grow five times in five years

23 Sep 2011

Worldwide tablet shipments could reach 253 million in 2016, compared with the 55.2 million predicted this year, according to industry analysts, Juniper Research.

The report comes after fellow analysts IDC raised their forecast for 2011 shipments, from 53.5 million units to 62.5 million.

Juniper also predicts that, while wi-fi tablets currently outsell those with cellular connectivity, this trend will reverse in the next five years – creating an interesting challenge for network providers.

"4G networks in developed markets will enable richer services over cellular connections,” a release from Juniper reads, "and the lack of fixed-line infrastructure in emerging markets will make cellular connections a must-have as tablets are adopted regionally.

"Multi-device plans (for a smartphone and a tablet) will overcome the problem of consumers not wanting to pay for another subscription.”

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