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Talend updates to cloud data product for improved intelligence
Tue, 3rd Mar 2020
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Talend has released its Winter 20 version of the Talend Data Fabric. The new release includes the Talend Cloud Data Inventory as a self-service cloud app to automatically calculate the Data Intelligence Score of all data across an organisation. In addition Winter 20 provides AI features and cloud connectivity.

Talend Data Fabric is focused on providing intelligence in data at scale, helping businesses to increase revenue, innovation, lower costs and risks, and improve customer experiences.

Talend senior vice president of products Ciaran Dynes says, “Winter 20 continues our commitment to partnering with customers on their digital transformation journeys and ensuring their data becomes a valuable business asset rather than a liability.

“The innovations introduced in Talend Data Fabric will provide our customers with dramatically improved efficiency, optimised productivity and scale, and accelerated path to discovering value from data.

Talend states the Winter 20 release includes data intelligence that is fast, scalable and expands cloud connectivity. Data Inventory is a new cloud-based app designed for self-service that automatically inventories and quality checks data to establish data intelligence. It ensures data professionals don't have to repeatedly build the same datasets.

Talend Pipeline Designer is a cloud-based solution for building and deploying data pipelines. WIth Winter 20 it provides an in-flight data quality feature that eliminates quality problems before the data is consumed or replicated. Additionally, no coding or complex transformations are required.

Intelligent data quality with augmented intelligence uses machine learning to compare data matching so everyone in the organisation can utilise data intelligence.

Numerous APIs enable the automation of more integration tasks, speed-up cloud project delivery, and deliver data quality at scale.

Talend Data Fabric now also offers an automatic trust score, delivering an immediate assessment of data health for each and every data set, the company states.

Furthermore, with this release, Talend has expanded its cloud connectivity to Microsoft Azure (ADLS Gen 2, Azure Data Factory for Talend Data Catalog), Amazon Web Services (AWS Glue for Talend Data Catalog), and multiple updates to its extensive Google Cloud capabilities.

Talend Winter 20 also brings expanded connectivity to Workday, Databricks Delta Lake, Snowflake, Cloudera, and others. Talend says this product is designed to address the need for data intelligence and access tools.

Specifically, Winter 20 is built to address these productivity and efficiency challenges and help customers take advantage of the digital revolution.

The company states that there is a struggle to provide fast access to trusted data for stakeholders. IDC states that data professionals spend 67% of their time searching and preparing data.

This inefficiency prevents businesses from quickly leveraging insights from their data in order to deliver concrete business outcomes, Talend states.

The Winter release of Talend Data Fabric will be available this quarter.