09 Apr 2015
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Technology and broadband vital for Kiwi businesses

By Shannon Williams

According to recent survey from Statistics NZ, most small to large businesses in New Zealand were engaged in technology and in training their staff in 2014.

Nearly 90% of employees in New Zealand work in businesses that have six or more employees. The Business Operations Survey samples businesses of that size, which make up 10% of businesses in New Zealand.

The findings from the survey found that most businesses surveyed use the internet and a broadband connection. "Nearly 50% of businesses use the internet to sell goods and services, but for most businesses, these sales make up less than 10% of their total sales," business performance manager Jason Attewell says.

Of businesses using the internet, just under one-quarter used a fibre-optic connection for ultra-fast broadband in 2014. The larger the business, the more likely they were to be using fibre.

In 2014, 84% of businesses provided training to their staff – down from 89% the previous year.

The top three areas of training in 2014 were in health and safety, customer service/sales skills, and computer skills.

Tourism sales and investment in expansion increased slightly since 2013. In 2014, 29% of businesses were investing in expansion, while 24% were involved in export sales.

“This reflects a longer-term trend. The number of businesses with export sales has gone up more than 50% since 2010, and those investing in expansion have also gone up over the same period. While the survey doesn’t ask for dollar amounts, the results show a strong trend in these participation rates across industries,” Attewell says.

The Business Operations Survey provides a rich source of data about business behaviour, capacity, and performance across industries. The information collected can show changes in business characteristics over time, and provide a snapshot of business activity.

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