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Technology to transform the NZ Government

30 Nov 2015

The pace of change in the world of technology has been rapid. This is opening up possibilities and bringing many benefits, but is also putting a lot of pressure on businesses and the government to adapt and grow faster than ever before.

This development can bring massive opportunity, but it also comes with risk. According to Graeme Muller, chief executive of the New Zealand Technology Industry Association, the government is aware that technology is central to delivering better public services.

“Regardless of whether it is reducing crime, improving education results or enabling easier interactions with the government, better use of technology is the critical enabler,” he says.

Muller will cover this topic and join a number of other presenters at the NZTech Advance Government and Technology Summit in Februrary.

According to Muller, the conference will delve into how the government and various technology providers are beginning to partner up and create new and innovative ways to service the public.

“It is about sharing positive experiences and identifying new opportunities for collaboration,” he says.

Muller asserts that Bill English, Minister of Finance and David Smol, CEO of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, will be opening the Summit. Their aim will be to reiterate the importance of innovation in government services through clever use of technology.

“The programme includes a separate Leaders Forum series of roundtable discussions bringing together the government's C-level executives, academics and industry leaders to workshop ways to accelerate and improve innovative use of technology by the government,” says Muller.

Partnership, innovation and transformation have been highlighted as the most important elements of the Summit. Muller affirms that traditional approaches to technology won’t drive the required transformation.

“The government has realised that more innovation is required and this can only be achieved by collaboration across agencies and with the industry,” he says. “So partnership is critical to the new way of working in and with government.”

It's important to note that the Summit won't focus on what could go wrong with technological advancements, but rather what has worked in the past.

“The focus of this event is to bring some of these success stories to the forefront, to help government executives learn from each other, to help tech leaders to hear the evolving needs of the government and to work together to help accelerate government transformation,” says Muller.

The NZTech Advance Government and Technology Summit will be taking place February 23 at Te Papa, Wellington.

For more information and to register today, click here.

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