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Telecom board member to resign in September

10 Aug 2010

Telecom Chairman Wayne Boyd has said that Rod McGeoch will retire from the board of Telecom following this year’s annual general meeting.

McGeoch has been with the company for more than nine years.

“Rod had already signalled at our annual meeting in 2008 that he would not stand for re-election to the board again. His retirement will take effect following our annual meeting on September 30th in

Christchurch,” said Boyd.

“Rod has been a board member at a time of profound change for our company and industry, including the move to operational separation. I thank him for the dedication, seriousness and enthusiasm he has brought to this role.”

He continued, “This year has already seen changes on our board, with the appointment of Sue Sheldon as a Director. Meanwhile, our industry is facing large-scale change, as the Ultra Fast Broadband project advances.

“Telecom now looks forward to the making of key decisions in this area by government, to help us ensure the mix of skills and experience on our board remains appropriate for the new era of telecommunications.”

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