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Teletrac Navman empowers fleet owners with latest launch
Wed, 16th Aug 2023

Teletrac Navman, the connected mobility platform for industries that manage vehicle and equipment assets, has announced the launch of the IQ Camera.

The sophisticated, AI-powered, dual-camera dash cam is integrated with Teletrac Navman's TN360 fleet management software to give fleet owners a unified view of their video and telematics data so that they can understand events and be empowered to improve driver safety through informed coaching.  

The fully connected IQ Camera uses powerful sensors and video AI to review every minute of drive time and understand behaviour, the company states.

Together with TN360, the IQ Camera pulls driver performance data into a single location, giving fleet managers a full view of performance so that they can implement reward programs and identify areas for improvement.  

The launch of the IQ Camera adds to Teletrac Navman's already robust line of deeply integrated video telematics cameras and is an entry point for organisations that operate fleets of commercial vehicles, and that believe in the potential of data to enhance fleet performance and lower risk, according to the company.

Mayank Sharma, Head of Global Product Management & UX at Teletrac Navman, says, "The IQ Camera makes it easy for fleets to prioritise safety and protect drivers on the road."

"This new solution complements the existing range of video telematics offerings, that are all now fully integrated into TN360. This gives customers the flexibility to choose the ideal camera solution that protects drivers, simplifies safety programs, and streamlines coaching."

The IQ camera also allows fleets to be managed in real-time and takes coaching into the cab, with driver assistance and status monitoring. Its built-in Advanced Driver Assistance (ADAS) and Driver Status Monitoring (DSM) features, that include forward collision, tailgating, distracted driving and drowsy driving, provide real-time feedback to drivers so they can make instant improvements.  

This highly configurable dual-camera system provides added understanding of what has occurred with high quality footage before, during and after an event. Video data is automatically uploaded to the TN360 connected platform for immediate viewing so teams can identify high risk actions and provide transparent feedback to their drivers. 

Sharma says, "It's important for fleet owners to take action based on all of their data. By incorporating video into training, they can make a positive impact on operational performance and costs."

Teletrac Navman states the company aims to be the driving force behind the industries that transform and sustain our futures by offering simple and intelligent solutions that enhance efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

As a connected mobility platform for industries that manage vehicle and equipment assets, Teletrac Navman aims to simplify the complex so that its customers can transform the way they work through cloud-based solutions that leverage AI to unlock the power of operational insight.

Teletrac Navman manages more than 700,000 vehicles and assets around the world. The company operates globally, with offices worldwide and headquarters in Orange County, CA.