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Telstra’s rejection of Op Sep an ambit claim – analyst

13 Oct 2009

Telstra’s public rejection of operational separation in new legislation proposed by the Australian government has been dubbed an “ambit claim”

Ovum research director David Kennedy is unsurprised by Telstra’s public submission, released on Friday, which claims regulatory changes in Telecommunications Legislation Amendment (Competition and Consumer Safeguard) Bill are unnecessary.

“Telstra has been engaged in behind-closed doors discussions with the Government on the future of the industry and the NBN.

The objective of these talks is a “win-win” outcome for the Government and Telstra. This is where the issues will really be addressed, not in the to-and-fro of the public debate,” says Kennedy.“We never expected Telstra to concede anything in advance of a deal with the Government on the National Broadband Network.

In our view, this submission should be read as an ambit claim.”