18 Oct 2014
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The hybrid cloud’s changing your job: Here’s how to get ready

“Nearly half of large enterprises will have hybrid cloud deployments by the end of 2017." - Gartner.

First, what is hybrid cloud?A hybrid cloud strategy combines IT services from various sources, whether internal or externally provided.

While cloud adoption is well underway, cloud services rarely stand alone. Very few companies can use public or private cloud computing exclusively. Hybrid cloud is the model that remains. A hybrid of private, public cloud and on-premise hardware serves the needs of most companies.

Users will continue using cloud services from multiple providers. Application testing and development could occur in the cloud, while final deployment occur on-premises. In this scenario, the skill of a service broker is required to leverage both private and public clouds.  A future-proof IT strategy will facilitate cloud consumption, alongside an existing IT operation.

What does a service broker do?Managing this composition is the responsibility of the service broker.  The role of the IT Manager, CTO and CIO is evolving to include service broking.  When enterprises expand into hybrid cloud computing, it’s the service broker that dictates what migrates and what remains in house. They will handle the aggregation, integration and customisation of services.

The broker manages this mix of on-premise, public and private infrastructure by partnering with hybrid cloud service providers such as ICONZ-Webvisions. We will bring in appropriate experts to help design, implement and support the required blend of cloud services. This is underlined by the fact that each organisation is different. A service broker and service provider understands those differences, and translates it into an optimal cloud strategy.  The result is customised network infrastructure, at the lowest possible cost.

What skills are required to be a service broker?Today, IT department heads need a clear understanding of business goals and how IT can assist in delivering on these.  The service broker engages the optimal cloud technologies from service providers like ICONZ-Webvisions, to facilitate those business drivers. Translating information between business leaders and cloud providers’ architects, is a key role of the service broker.

In a changing landscape, get a guide.ICONZ-Webvisions has been helping clients with their hybrid cloud environments since 2006. Our client list includes; EDMI, Avalon Studios and Provoke. We offer strategic advice, on your journey to becoming a service broker.

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