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The latest Kong Enterprise release is now 25% faster

Kong has announced the general availability of Kong Enterprise 2.7, a service connectivity platform that enables companies to manage APIs and microservices at scale across any underlying architecture.

The company says its latest release features faster performance, including a 25% increased throughput and improved latency over already highly performant previous versions.

With a faster core runtime, Kong Enterprise 2.7 achieved 52,250 transactions per second (TPS) maximum throughput when benchmarked by GigaOm, with a 100% success rate (up from 40,625 TPS in 2021), performing 2,886% faster than Apigee X, which achieved 1,750 TPS maximum throughput with 100% success.

The new release also introduces capabilities to improve security, streamline workflows and expand support for event-based and real-time architectures.

"Every millisecond of latency reduces conversion rates, which can translate into a significant drop in sales," the company says. "Reduced API latency leads to faster overall application performance, allowing companies to deliver a superior customer experience while reducing costs and maximising revenue potential."

It gives the example of Mercado Bitcoin, a global cryptocurrency trading platform, using Kong Enterprise to power 40 mission-critical services with less than a millisecond response time. The company saw a 40% increase in its platform performance by significantly reducing API latency while reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) by 20%.

Built on Kong's core open source technology and designed for the modern era of software development, Kong Enterprise is a connectivity platform that enables organisations to secure, connect and orchestrate their APIs and services across cloud-native, hybrid and on-premise environments. The platform makes it easy for developer teams to manage millions of API calls and create scalable, micro service-driven applications that drive business growth.

"Kong is focused on delivering the technology innovations that matter to our customers, and that means API connectivity solutions that are highly performant, offer better security and more automation and provide the ability for customers to work seamlessly across platforms and software architectures," says Kong vice president of product, Reza Shafii.

"Kong Enterprise 2.7 is an important step toward Kongs vision of powering the world's digital connections through next-generation solutions that drive businesses forward."

In 2020 the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), the UK government's most extensive public service department, adopted Kong Enterprise to scale data access and process automation to meet the unprecedented demand for their claims services as the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown began.

"The Kong API gateway and Kong Enterprise hosted in our hybrid cloud infrastructure are supporting over 250 million real-time API calls per month and growing," says DWP Digital integration lead, Jacqui Leggetter.

"Kong is key to our ongoing ambitious transformation plans and sits at the heart of our secure data sharing ecosystem across DWP and wider government."

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