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The most influential people in telecommunications – 30 to 21

13 Dec 2011

Following on from yesterday’s story, here are the next 10 most influential people in the telecommunications industry, as voted by a panel of judges.

30. Conor English – CEO, Federated Farmers

English maintains his position in this year’s Top 40 as the demand side of telecommunications comes into sharper focus, particularly in the regions. Federated Farmers is yet to play the substantive role that it needs to in driving innovation underpinned by telecommunications and digital technology and the judges are looking for some big moves to coalesce this massive sector.

Placement 2010: 29

29. Dr Murray Horn – chair, National Health Board

No nonsense and sharp as a tack, Horn’s review of the Health sector has seen him entrusted with implementing a joined up sector. This sector is key to the UFB as both a demand-side cornerstone and, more importantly, a source of the economic benefit upside sought by Government from the UFB. Horn will need to muster all his experience and nous to galvanise sector participants into leveraging new capability in support of the wider health system efficiency drive.

Placement 2010: New for 2011

28. Bill English – Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance 

With the money now allocated, the fiscal aspects of English’s influence are largely a done deal however he is part of the troika with Key and Joyce and remains a political powerhouse. In Budget 2010, English allocated a further $200 million of capital funding to the Government’s ongoing investment in Ultra Fast Broadband infrastructure through Crown Fibre Holdings. This comes as a top-up to the $248 million allocated last year.

Placement 2010: 14

27: Scott Bartlett – CEO, Orcon

Bartlett appealed to last year’s Top 40 judges as "epitomising that young, funky, ‘let’s take over the world’ youth culture” that intuitively will resonate with the demand-side segments that are at the heart of broad-based consumer uptake of ultra-fast fibre-based communications services. Orcon’s direction as a Retail Service Provider will materially shape that layer.

Placement 2010: 26

26: Murray Milner – principal consultant, Milner Consulting Ltd

Former Telecom CTO Dr Milner still works extensively with central government, local government and enterprises on ICT strategy and infrastructure development. Milner continues to influence technology decisions that are still on the table around the UFB infrastructure.

Placement 2010: 18

25: Graeme Osborne – chair, New Zealand Health Information Board

Osborne is responsible for driving implementation of the country’s Health IT Strategy, considered the low-hanging fruit for the economic development aims that are driving the Government’s intervention in the industry via the UFB initiative.

Placement 2010: New for 2011

24: Rohan McMahon – strategy director, Crown Fibre Holdings

McMahon’s role within the broader CFH team is to drive initiatives with industry that see the new ultra-fast broadband adopted and used, particularly by the sectors dubbed ‘priority users’ in the UFB lexicon. It is time for this effort to step up.

Placement 2010: 24

23: Bruce Parkes – deputy secretary, Energy and Communications Branch, Ministry of Economic Development

The role and influence of MED in establishing the shape of the industry structures and seeing them bed down should not be underestimated, and you can bet Parkes will stamp his mark on the outcomes.

Placement 2010: 30

22: Simon Allen – chairman, Crown Fibre Holdings

Largely invisible during the UFB Procurement phase, Allen’s influence will surely have had a hand in the deal done with Telecom that sees Chorus with 70% of the UFB pie. With the procurement phase over and the deals struck, Allen’s influence wanes, however his experience and nous will be important as the oversight and governance of the UFB Parties, including the role and behaviour of CFH itself, beds down.

Placement 2010: 4

21: Geoff Hunt – CEO, Kordia

A challenging year for Kordia has seen Hunt out of the limelight as the state-owned carrier looks to progress initiatives on a number of fronts, particularly leveraging partnerships. His influence, acknowledged leadership qualities and industry experience will be a material contributor to the shake-down of the emerging Retail Service Provider space. Look for Kordia to spring some surprises as the SOE establishes its place in the new order.

Placement 2010: 19

Come back tomorrow for 20-11.