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The Worthy Web Hackathon - 1,200 developers, 83 countries, and $40,000 in prizes
Mon, 12th Jul 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Winners of The Worthy Web Hackathon announced. 1,200 developers, 83 countries, and $40,000 in prizes.

Technology company Progress has announced the winners of its global hackathon, The Worthy Web. The six-week virtual competition was attended by nearly 1,200 participants from 83 countries, with 52 projects submitted.

The event ran from April 7th to May 24th and challenged developers to build socially conscious apps using the Progress Telerik and Progress Kendo UI developer tools. Projects were accepted in nine categories and competed for a total of $40,000 in cash and prizes.

“Our goal was to inspire developers to use their skills and our technology to turn their ideas for the betterment of the world into reality,” says Progress senior director, developer relations, Sara Faatz.

“We are incredibly impressed with the apps we received and the level of innovation the developer community brought to bear. Congratulations to all winners and all participants who invested time and energy in the hackathon. We look forward to seeing the apps created put into action!”

Apps were assessed based on their positive impact on the world or the community, quality of the idea, overall execution and implementation, and use of the Progress developer tools.

The hackathon winners per category are:

  • Best Use of Telerik UI for Blazor: Zindagi, a platform for blood donation management that will be used for Blood Banks and Donation Campaigns.
  • Best Use of Kendo UI for Angular: EcoVille, an environmentalist application for people who want to participate in local cleaning events, find nearby recycling centres, monitor their carbon footprint and learn about their local and state sustainability laws.
  • Best Use of KendoReact UI kit: Working Conditions Improvement Check, an app measuring the impact of corporate social responsibility project for worker rights in Pakistan and Vietnam.
  • Best Implementation of Telerik Reporting tool: WhiteTent, an app helping local food outlets maximise their surplus food sales through a digital advertising platform.
  • Best Documented Use of Test Studio software: Kendo Habits, a gamified system and tracker for building healthy habits.
  • Best Documented Use of Fiddler Everywhere tool: Help Brew, an app that helps people locate local shelters, community kitchens and other needed resources.
  • Best Mobile Support: The Better Future Club, an app connecting volunteers who are willing to help a social cause with NGOs, charities and local communities.
  • Best App Modernisation: SCUP: Smart Checkup, an innovative telemedicine platform based on IoT devices that provides vital signs and historical values for telemedicine and distance consultation.