14 Oct 2014
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Tightening the grip on governmental security

By Catherine Knowles

GSMA and Secure Identity Alliance have released a report that focuses on the importance of mobile identity for governments.

Titled ‘Mobile Identity - Unlocking the Potential of the Digital Economy’ the report highlights best practices currently in operation. Case reviews show how various governments around the world are using mobile identity initiatives to provide secure and convenient authentication to citizens.

Frederic Trojani, Chairman of the Board of the Secure Identity Alliance says, “As digital identities proliferate, it’s time for a new approach and this joint report highlights how governments can enhance security provision and accelerate eService adoption to the benefit of all. With a trusted digital framework in place, governments in both the developed and developing worlds are able to usher in a new era of secure and convenient transactional possibilities for all – even hard-to-reach members of society.”

Targeted for public service policy makers who have the task of developing digital strategies, the report is said to be an expert resource that includes detailed insights on the benefits the mobile industry can bring citizens.

“Mobile digital identity reduces the risk of identity theft, and simplifies the login experience for citizens to a range of services such as healthcare, government and banking while respecting their privacy,” says Marie Austenaa, Head of Personal Data GSMA.

Multiplication of identities and weak security of a simple password and user name system opens people up for identity theft and fraud. A trusted mobile identity framework enables governments to give citizens privacy, security and convenience.

It protects the vulnerable and can also provide access to a range of government services such as banking, personal health and education. A mobile identity framework can help implement strategies that will enhance social welfare, establish a fairer government and even accelerate economic growth.

“Governments around the world are already using mobile technology as a key enabler to deliver interoperable digital identity services that make it possible for citizens, governments, consumers and businesses to interact in a private, trusted and secure environment,” says Frederic Trojani, Chairman of the Board of the Secure Identity Alliance.

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