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Trend Micro extends cloud security solutions with new releases

10 Apr 2014

Trend Micro released Trend Micro Deep Security for Web Apps at the Amazon Web Services Summit in Sydney this week, reinforcing ongoing support of the AWS shared security model.

According to the security specialist, Deep Security for Web Apps provides Australian and New Zealand customers with vulnerability and threat detection and protection for web applications within deployments on AWS.

Trend Micro Deep Security for Web Apps is a vulnerability scanner for web applications and platforms, delivered through a SaaS model.

Developed to address today’s complex threat environment, the single integrated hosted solution enables companies to run regular scans on their constantly changing web apps, going beyond the norm of annual security checks that can leave them open to attack.

Increasingly, organisations are turning to AWS for the hosting of web applications.

Trend Micro Deep Security for Web Apps has been approved by AWS as a Pre-Authorised Scanner, eliminating the need for manual steps to enable a vulnerability scan and increasing security through the ability to continuously scan deployed applications and web servers for vulnerabilities, malware, and malicious links.

“Australian and New Zealand organisations are increasingly relying on web applications to interact with customers and employees," says Greg Boyle, director, strategic business and alliances, Trend Micro ANZ.

"These web apps are becoming more complex and dynamic and if not secured can be vulnerable to attack and corporate data breaches.

“Deep Security for Web Apps expands Trend Micro’s security portfolio for AWS deployments in ANZ, helping customers confidently and securely move to the cloud.”

Leading AWS and cloud consultants such as base2Services are already leveraging Trend Micro to protect their customers’ cloud deployments.

base2Services’ offering, OpsBuilt, provides a fully managed enterprise grade AWS environment at the click of the button, including all the monitoring, patching and security needed to ensure a safe and secure environment running on AWS.

“All a user needs to do is launch a stack type and upload the application customisations and they are up and running,” says Arthur Marinis, Managing Director at base2Services.

“Deep Security provides a level of comfort to all our customers knowing that their system is protected from real threats.”

An AWS Advanced Technology Partner and global leader[2] in cloud security, Trend Micro announced the ANZ release of Deep Security for Web Apps alongside new initiatives that will help organisations fulfill their shared security responsibilities for protecting data and applications within AWS.

These new initiatives empower organisations to work with AWS under a shared responsibility model, enabling comprehensive protection, including:

Securing Startups on AWS:

Trend Micro is one of a select few AWS partners to provide security tools for the AWS Activate Program. This program helps startups fully leverage the low cost, easy to use infrastructure of AWS along with additional critical resources such as security – required as part of the shared security responsibility model.

Under the program, participants can utilise included free credits to protect deployed instances with a range of Trend Micro cloud security capabilities.

Updated Trend Micro Test Drive:

The AWS Test Drive Program allows organisations to quickly explore AWS-hosted solutions in a private sandbox environment with just a few minutes needed to launch and start using the systems.

With a newly updated Trend Micro Test Drive now available, customers are able to deploy and evaluate the comprehensive capabilities of Trend Micro Deep Security on AWS.

“Trend Micro has invested heavily in optimising its cloud security technologies," Boyle adds.

"We are committed to delivering solutions that take full advantage of the benefits of AWS and that address organisations' shared responsibility for security in the cloud.

“As AWS continues to gain momentum and develop new technologies, we plan to continue to deliver innovative security that is smart, simple to use and fits the way you operate in the cloud.”