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Tufin launches enhanced security policy management suite R24-1
Wed, 27th Mar 2024

Cloud and network security policy management company Tufin has unveiled Tufin Orchestration Suite (TOS) version R24-1, the latest iteration of its product, which optimises customers' ability to manage cloud security controls from a central platform, rendering security policy management more effective.

The announcement reveals that Tufin continues to provide comprehensive coverage for all existing tech stacks, offering effective policy management tools, real-time policy violation alerts, end-to-end network access change automation, and recertification management.

Significant new capabilities of the TOS R24-1 release encompass compliance support for Microsoft Azure firewall rules, audit enhancements for Azure firewalls and Network Security Groups (NSGs), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) end-to-end troubleshooting and Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access network change automation. By enabling complete visibility across complex hybrid enterprise networks, TOS R24-1 allows teams to maintain security and compliance more effectively.

Ruth Gomel Kafri, VP of Product Management at Tufin, explains the necessity of this kind of tool for security teams. These teams need to manage their security controls from a single platform across on-premise, cloud, and hybrid networks to ensure consistency and efficiency. Gomel said, "Users demand reliable connectivity and an excellent experience regardless of how their applications and services are accessed. Security controls need to be delivered the same way, from a single platform and interface, making policies consistent and actions efficient."

"Tufin Orchestration Suite was designed with this in mind, and we carry that philosophy from on-premise to the cloud, arming our customers with what they need to automate tasks, accelerate changes, and maintain compliance, all while keeping the organisation secure."

Key features of the freshly released TOS R24-1 include real-time alerts about Azure firewall policy violations, visibility improvement into unused rules for Azure Firewall and NSGs, end-to-end visibility of traffic flows in a hybrid environment brought by support for GCP's topology, and zero-touch network modifications through the automation of Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access traffic requirements, among other enhancements. These capabilities ensure compliance, minimise the attack surface, improve audit response times, and save time and effort in troubleshooting and network change management while maintaining organisational security.

Other enhancements incorporated into this upgrade include PCI DSS 4.0 standard support, which enables consistent compliance across customers' hybrid networks, and an updated public Restful API that allows teams to generate detailed and customisable network change ticket reports. The stricter network control for Palo Alto firewalls and the easy-to-manage Panorama policies that include Palo Alto Cloud Next Generation Firewalls on Microsoft Azure will also make audit preparation faster and lead to fewer failures.

Notably, Tufin's solution has recently received industry recognition. Tufin Orchestration Suite was awarded the 2024 Gold Globee for Network Security Policy Management in the 20th Annual Globee Awards for Cybersecurity competition. Also, it clinched the Zero Trust Security Excellence Award by TMCNet.