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UK IT decision-makers confident in meeting net-zero targets
Fri, 3rd Nov 2023

New research from Telehouse Europe has revealed that despite the challenging path to sustainability, a promising 81% of IT decision-makers are confident about meeting their net-zero target dates. The report, however, highlights that only 19% of organisations have achieved this milestone, while a significant 44% are yet to realise their net-zero ambitions.

The research reached out to 250 UK IT decision-makers to gather their views regarding the challenges and opportunities they see in achieving sustainability goals through digital infrastructure. The results illuminated several areas of concern and interest, offering an enlightening view into the pursuit of a sustainable future in IT.

From the explosion of IoT devices to the latest advances in AI, technology is rapidly accelerating, the full 2030 report covers the scale and speed with which IT services are delivered, reshaping the digital economy.

Data centres lie at the heart of this shift, supporting organisations on their digitalisation journey, ensuring the reliability, connectivity, sustainability and efficiency of business operations. But what will the future bring – in 2030 and beyond? The report explores the challenges of developing sustainable digital infrastructure and other key areas that are shaping tomorrow.

The high cost of turning green was flagged as a leading concern among 60% of IT decision-makers who lack confidence in meeting their net-zero targets. In addition to such economic hurdles, scouting out providers and solutions with strong environmental credentials has become a top priority for 43% of the respondents.

Another area of concern featured in the report revolved around Scope 2 emissions, the indirect greenhouse emissions from consumed electricity, heat, or steam. A substantial 92% of organisations focusing on Scope 2 emissions are facing challenges in identifying energy sources that are aligned with renewable standards and regulatory compliances. This indicates a potential gap between aspirations and viable strategy development in managing Scope 2 emissions.

However, the survey did highlight an increasing commitment to creating a more sustainable digital infrastructure. In the procurement process, sustainability was viewed as an important criterion for 84% of organisations. Interestingly, 43% of respondents actively seek providers and solutions with strong environmental credentials, while 23% only consider providers or solutions that offer proven sustainability credentials and offer transparent reporting on their environmental impact.

"Organisations are committed to creating more sustainable digital infrastructure despite the challenges in reducing and demonstrating their environmental impact," stated Mark Pestridge, Executive Vice President & General Manager of Telehouse Europe. "Using the right digital infrastructure, nurturing sustainability initiatives, and fostering diversity are vital in advancing these objectives more swiftly."

The Telehouse study brings to light the energetic optimism IT decision-makers hold towards meeting net-zero target dates by highlighting not just the positive intent but also the less-talked-about challenges that hint at an opportunity for carving out practical solutions and innovative strategies.

The research saw 250 UK IT decision-makers surveyed in August 2023 by Vitreous World.