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Unimax printer installs the new Jet L350UV SAI Inkjet Press

Unimax has become the first label and packaging printer in New Zealand to install the new Jet L350UV SAI Inkjet Press. 

Based in Avondale, Auckland, Unimax invested in the L350UV SAI through the partnership of Jet Technologies and Fujifilm NZ.

Unimax produces a wide range of labels, promotional materials and point-of-sales options across a variety of vertical markets, including food & beverage, health, transport and agriculture. 

Dinesh Kumar, Director, Unimax, says, “We have always been huge fans of inkjet.”

“We were the first to bring the L350UV into New Zealand, and now we can proudly say that we are the first to be up and running on the new SAI model.”

“The original press was extremely reliable over its five years with us, and upgrading was an easy decision, especially with the service we receive from both Jet Technologies & Fujifilm NZ,” says Kumar, Unimax Director. 

Jet Technologies says the new L350UV is the most flexible and automated label production system in its class. 

The machine offers seven vibrant colours at 60 meters a minute (50 meters a minute when using white) and is fully supported by Jet Technologies and FujiFilm NZ. The L350 delivers competitive colour reproduction as well as excellent scalability, enabling it to meet a wide variety of market needs.

Jack Malki, the Director of Jet Technologies, explains: “Back in 2017, there was disbelief as jobs that required setup times of 4-5 hours on their letterpress machines would setup and print in a matter of minutes on the L350.” 

“That enabled Unimax to substantially expand its client base and grow the business in higher-value markets, where precision artwork and multiple SKUs were no issue at all for the new digital press.”

“Then along came the new L350UV SAI, and the print results have been taken to the next level, adding additional colours (orange and blue) to increase the colour gamut substantially."

“Productivity has also increased by 20% on all jobs and by an astounding 67% for jobs containing Screen’s high opacity white.” 

“The range of substrates that Unimax can print onto has also increased substantially with this model, enabling Unimax to print on thinner synthetic stocks, as well as a thicker range of paper and hybrid products,” says Malki, Jet Technologies Director.

The L350UV SAI supports printers to increase turn-around speeds for digital printing jobs by automating the process. 

With its software-generated ‘lead in, lead out’ and ‘reverse-feed’ functions, the system also works to considerably lower ink and material waste, reducing overhead costs and improving sustainability standards within operations. 

Unimax partner, Jet Technologies, is a specialist distributor to the print and packaging industries, founded in Australia over 40 years ago.

The family-owned company has offices and warehousing in multiple locations throughout Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia.

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