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Unisys: Kiwi's trust eroded in data security

New Zealanders' confidence in local organisations’ ability to keep their data secure seems to have taken a hit, with the average kiwi on the street apparently more concerned about an accidental data breach for data stored in New Zealand, rather than for data stored internationally.

At least that’s among the findings of the Unisys Security Index.

The survey isn’t, however, of CIOs or IT professionals. Instead the national survey, part of the broader Unisys Security Index research programme, surveyed 511 adults aged 18+, asking if they were more concerned about accidental data breaches or malicious and criminal attacks.

Unsurprisingly, the survey found that New Zealanders don’t really care where the security breach comes from – whether an accidental breach or malicious data theft – they just don’t want their data compromised.

The majority of respondents said they were equally concerned about both types of data breaches for both data stored in New Zealand (55%) or off-shore (63%).

Those who were concerned primarily about malicious or criminal data breaches believe the risk is essentially the same for data kept in New Zealand (12% concerned) as for data stored in another country (13% concerned).

But those surveyed who were primarily concerned about accidental data breaches believed the risk was greater for organisations that store data in New Zealand (11% concerned) than for organisations which store data overseas (5%)

John Kendall, security program director for Unisys Asia Pacific says the result likely reflects the well-publicised data breaches in New Zealand over the last couple of years that have eroded public confidence in the steps taken by some local organisations to protect their data.

The top two areas of concern for Kiwis have remained consistent since the survey began in 2006: unauthorised access to personal information and other people obtaining/using credit card details, with 62% of New Zealanders extremely or very concerned about both issues.

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