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University of Canterbury's network upgraded

29 Mar 2010

Juniper will overhaul the university's network infrastructure with a secure ten Gbps ethernet network that will provide high-speed access to video, voice, business and web applications.

The project, due for completion at the end of 2010, is in response to increased capacity demand fueled by growth in multimedia consumption across the campus.

“We needed to upgrade our network to handle the growth in network traffic, but we also wanted to ensure we could meet the capacity requirements longer term,” said Jerry Schave, Network Manager, University of Canterbury. “Our students and staff are far more multimedia orientated, consuming a lot of video in particular. Juniper’s solution gives us this future protection, with great features and IPv6 support, at a very attractive TCO.”

University of Canterbury’s network spans its 87 hectare campus with two Gigabit Ethernet connections to its ISP serving 11,000 users.

“Organisations are increasingly building network platforms for future growth and more intelligent application delivery,” added Ian Quinn, New Zealand Country Manager, Juniper Networks. “With Juniper’s EX4200 Virtual Chassis technology simplifying network operations and management and the Junos operating system providing reduced operating costs, the University can rely on a seamless and reliable network design that helps address the needs of our growing user base.”

The university's network spans its 87 hectare campus with two gigabit ethernet connections to its ISP serving 11,000 users.