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UPDATED: Telecom: Over and Outage...

20 May 2014

Telecom has largely fixed the fault impacting call centres, online services, some corporate client services and internal Telecom networks, but warns it isn’t out of the woods just yet.

“The issue affecting our call centres, website, online customer care, and some corporate broadband accounts has been resolved,” said Telecom, via its official Facebook page yesterday evening.

“We can now focus on completing our prepaid systems upgrade, which we aim to finish overnight.

“Customers due to top-up can still use their mobile services while we finish the job.

“Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. We apologise to all who have been affected during this time.”

A technical issue – which the telco claims is unrelated to last weekend’s upgrades – affected a number of Telecom’s communications systems, with the company saying that it suffered a major hardware fault yesterday, believed to be a “vital piece of equipment”.

Coinciding with a planned upgrade of its prepaid mobile network, Telecom says the upgrade was delayed until last night due to the fault, with the telco hoping to have everything back up and running from this morning onwards.

The major fault also impacted Chorus, who says its services were gradually coming back to life as well.

More updates to follow…