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User experience vital in 2015, so says Kiwi creative tech firm

By Shannon Williams, Tue 6 Jan 2015
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Improving user experience and mobile domination are the digital focus of 2015, according to Auckland-based creative tech firm bka Interactive.

Aidan Lett, sales and marketing manager, bka Interactive, says that mobile is now the first class citizen when building a new website or digital strategy. 

“And that doesn’t just mean smartphones, but tablets too and, [this] year, wearable technology when the iWatch delivers more immediate and intimate way to connect,” he says.

Lett says there are no roadblocks on the horizon for mobile traffic; it’s only going to keep on increasing. The challenge for businesses is to understand what mobility really means in the context of delivering results – and to develop a digital presence with all devices in mind.

Lett says business should be considering a range of devices, from smartphones, tablets, Google Glass and the iWatch, when developing their mobile strategies. 

He says a good digital partner will advise businesses to build responsively, and should be considering all the main devices in the market.

“How your digital presence looks is important; but how it functions to deliver a superior customer service is what adds to your bottom line,” Lett says.

The price of building a native app designed for a specific type of device is coming down and will become a financial reality for many businesses. Apps are becoming more financially achievable and as the range of devices increases, apps will become increasingly common and less expensive.

Lett says a well-designed app increases engagement with customers more effectively than any other online tool, and can be a way for a business to streamline internal processes and reduce admin.

Mobile payments are also a trend businesses need to keep up with. “When building any digital touch-point, consider that very soon there will be an easy way for your business to get paid from a mobile device,” he says.

Innovative technology can transform a business in terms of profit and operational efficiency. “Increasingly businesses are approaching us to develop bespoke apps to deliver improved visibility, company performance and reduce costs - for example print costs, international communications and even crisis management,” Lett says.

“Most importantly, this can be done with a focus on an enhanced user experience while maintaining brand consistency and helping you deliver the right message to your target audience.”

With Big data becoming a reality for more businesses, Lett says businesses with good digital marketing and tools will be able to access more detailed data than ever before. 

Richer data enables business owners to better track behaviour. “Tracking each different initial engagement right through the sales process to purchase and delivery,” says Lett. “From there you can easily automate follow up and customer satisfaction measurement.”

 “What you see is more movement, increased interaction and ease of use. Everything will continue to become more about user experience, more interaction, easier to use and increasingly engaging.”

“Importantly however, make sure your digital partner is proactively keeping you informed of the trend changes."

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