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UserZoom unveils Live Interviews to scale UX research and collect insights faster
Thu, 10th Feb 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

UserZoom, an Experience Insights Management (XIM) company, has announced new automation capabilities that make it faster and more efficient to collect user feedback and deliver customer insights.

With consumer preferences changing faster than ever, the company says that digital leaders must arm themselves with robust insights to discover unmet needs and make customer-led product decisions that accelerate growth.

"Many companies today are using Zoom or other video conferencing tools, stitching together manual processes and technologies that not only slow them down but also don't follow research best practices," says UserZoom co-CEO and co-founder, Alfonso de la Nuez.

"With UserZoom Live Interviews, product leaders can now use one robust, powerful platform to recruit study participants, schedule sessions, collaborate virtually, synthesise findings, and share research results with their organisation. Every company is now a digital experience company, and to design and deliver great experiences, organisations need the capabilities to conduct robust, continuous user research," he says.

"We know today's digital product UX Designers and Researchers want to engage with their users and customers continuously. This used to take quite a bit of time and money. With Live Interviews, we've automated the remote moderated research process while maintaining the quality of insights that come with the right participants matched with the right study."

With the Live Interviews feature, companies can:

  • Recruit: Quickly find research participants directly from the UserZoom platform.
  • Schedule: Automate session scheduling, allowing research teams to fill studies within days or hours.
  • Interview: Study participants enjoy a purpose-built experience with tech check, virtual waiting room, direct one-on-one chat with a moderator, and no visible observers.
  • Collaboration: Note-takers and observers can collaborate and debrief from a secure, virtual incognito observation room.
  • Analyse: Save time and money on analysis with searchable automated transcripts, synced playback, and time-stamped notes.
  • Report and Share: Use video clips, highlights and quotes to create impactful narratives with research insights.

By providing faster insights, UserZoom says it enables companies to build the right digital experiences more efficiently, allowing them to go to market quicker than before. It says a more efficient research team can expand their support into more areas of the organisation, helping to drive revenue across the board.

"Having the observer room makes the whole experience so much more comfortable for the participants," says Bank of the West lead UX researcher, Sarah Nuehring.

"And I love that I can send out one link to observers - even for debriefing after - and everything is managed on the backend by the platform. Trying to replicate this with basic video conferencing would be a mess."

UserZoom is an all-in-one Experience Insights Management solution for the enterprise. Its platform and services provide quantitative and qualitative insights to measure and improve the digital experience. With offices in four countries, the company helps global brands such as Google, Oracle, Aetna, Santander, News UK, and many of the Fortune 100 with digital experiences.