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Veritas new service simplifies public cloud migration
Thu, 25th Jan 2024

Veritas Technologies, the leader in secure multi-cloud data management, is streamlining the process for enterprises to migrate or deploy new mission-critical applications in the public cloud. The firm's novel solution, Veritas Application Mobility Service, automates the journey and has the potential to reduce the process from months to a mere 15 minutes. The service also extends beyond the company's current clientele, welcoming all interested parties, and includes support for the Microsoft Azure platform.

Transitioning to the cloud or constructing a robust environment within the cloud can pose challenges for organisations. These processes can be lengthy, demanding proficiency in cloud platforms and tools, as well as a knowledge of the interdependencies between applications. The cloud service provider shared responsibility model must also be taken into account to patch any configuration or functionality gaps. Veritas Application Mobility Service is designed to eliminate these pain points and others.

Regional CTO for Asia Pacific region at Veritas, Geoffrey Coley, shared: "The process for moving to the cloud can vary for each organisation, but complexity is the common denominator. Veritas Application Mobility Service alters the landscape. It serves as a swift and low-risk easy button that also offers the granularity for examining workload details to ensure every aspect of the transition is done correctly. Now, organisations can move to the cloud effortlessly in only a few short steps."

The service offers a 60-day trial at no cost and provides best-practice application configuration templates produced by the service itself to automatically instantiate their applications in the cloud. As an added advantage, firms will also benefit from built-in application resiliency as part of their installed 60-day trial license. This trial can then be converted into a paid subscription, if the clients wish to continue enjoying cross-location resiliency for mission-critical applications.

Carlos Gabriel Ceja Olaeta, solution architect regional manager at Itera, commented: "Itera is committed to empowering our clients by elevating, modernising and maximising the benefits of cloud computing. We regard Veritas Application Mobility Service as an attractive, low-risk solution for overcoming common barriers in deploying applications in the cloud. It serves as a shortcut to realising rapid time-to-value and ensures that once applications are relocated to the cloud, they remain consistently operational and resilient."

For new cloud deployments, the SaaS-based service simplifies the initial setup process. Enterprises just need to select the application type and cloud provider, customise settings like compute, network, storage resources, deploy the new configuration, and initialise the application. Veritas Application Mobility Service extends support to both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure platforms.

As a closing remark, Coley further added: "We aim to provide organisations with full flexibility and ample time to assess their workloads using the Veritas Application Mobility Service. With the 60-day trial, organisations have the opportunity to test and validate that the service suits their business needs. Once they have experienced it, we believe they will appreciate the user-friendly nature of the application resiliency aspect, and ultimately choose to become long-term customers."