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Video: 10 Minute IT Jams - An update from Experieco

OutSystems is working with organisations across the ANZ market, and is proving that using a low-code platform can help a business thrive. 

Digital transformation is one of today's big buzzwords, and those switching from legacy systems are looking for better ways to enhance their app development and operations.

The OutSystems platform unites design, code and deployment to radically simplify development so innovation can flourish.

A key goal of this technology is to empower teams to deliver unique, high-value, complex apps fast. The company has proven time and time again that it can deliver exceptional results and has recently helped development company Experieco achieve outstanding business outcomes.

Experieco partners with enterprise customers to accelerate digital deployment with application development, integration and automation services. 

The company decided to use OutSystems to help deliver a range of solutions, from modernising complex legacy systems, developing fantastic customer experience apps, and enhancing operational efficiency apps.

Experieco says OutSystems makes it possible to increase development speed radically by leveraging model-driven development, pre-built components, pre-built integrations and harnessing AI to augment the developer. They say that these platforms speed up development, not by 20% or 30%, but instead by a factor of 2-6 times faster than traditional coding.

Technical debt is also a common challenge faced in today's climate, and the OutSystems platform enables the economic reduction of technical debt and the modernisation of legacy applications over time.

The demand for digital experiences is also increasing exponentially, and this is driven by the necessity to maintain market competitiveness due to high expectations from customers and suppliers. Fast and efficient delivery of digital experiences is now seen as a strategic advantage for any organisation.

‚ÄčOutSystems can help address top digital transformation priorities with applications that make a difference across all business areas—from customer experience transformation and workplace innovation to process automation and application modernisation.

TechDay recently had the opportunity to speak with David Laurence, who is the Head of Commercial NZ at Experieco. In our insightful discussion, David highlighted how the company's relationship with OutSystems and low-code has empowered successful outcomes for both the organisation and its customers.

In the video, we discuss:

  • What Experieco does and how they operate.
  • What projects Experieco and OutSystems are working on and how the platform can help with application development.
  • Market trends and how OutSystems can assist with many of the challenges faced.
  • New innovations and products.
  • How to contact Experieco to learn more about the company and its work with OutSystems.