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Video kiosks expand student IT support at VUW

06 May 2011

Victoria University's spread-out campus meant that students in satellite or far-flung areas were limited in their access to IT support. This was a problem so the university looked into ways to best implement a solution. 

"We wanted to maintain the same face-to-face student service experience while improving resource efficiencies,” explained Peter Borich, Victoria University IT manager.

Agile suggested video as an alternative delivery option, combining technology from Avaya, Cisco and Microsoft, and secured the contract. 

Using Agile's solution, students can now access the University's IT service desk using video kiosks and personal laptops. Video calls are queued and prioritised along with voice, text and email queries. 

As a result of the kiosks, the IT service desk team has expanded and can provide more in-depth support. The kiosks even cater to wheelchair users who can adjust the kiosk to their preferred height. 

Agility's business development director Steve Shaw sees applications for this technology outside of the education sector, where expertise could be accessed in retail or banking locations where there was none on site.