09 Nov 2013
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Vodafone adds Office 365 to its growing product suite

Vodafone customers can now purchase ‘Microsoft Office 365 for Business’ directly from Vodafone, and have the charges included on their Vodafone bill.

According to the telco, buying Office 365 from Vodafone will give New Zealand customers the added benefit of local support and set up from Vodafone.

Microsoft's new software is scalable and works on Vodafone’s SuperNet, providing connectivity for business using features like email, Lync and Sharepoint – in and out of the office.

Vodafone’s Grant Hopkins, Director of Enterprise says Vodafone has never been better placed to meet the changing needs of business customers.

“With Vodafone’s global capability we are delivering world class communications solutions to New Zealand businesses - allowing them to attract and retain talent, and become more productive – so that work becomes what you do, and not where you go," he says.

“Products like Office 365 allow companies to cut costs and improve their service, while dealing with a single provider.

"Vodafone is the only Microsoft global partner offering this level of service in New Zealand."

Vodafone cloud based apps like Office 365, allow employees to work from virtually anywhere and from virtually any device.

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