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Vodafone calls for greater aspiration in regulatory review

07 Aug 2013

Vodafone believes the outcomes from the telecommunications regulatory review needs to be more aspirational for New Zealanders to accelerate our digital future.

Responding to today's discussion document released by the government, the telco thinks it’s an opportunity missed if the scope of the review remains too narrow.

“We need to open up a broader conversation and look at all aspects of the fibre market to ensure a strong, competitive, consumer-focused market evolves," says Russell Stanners, CEO, Vodafone.

"Limiting the review to simple supply side fibre and copper costs misses the point."

The company says the UFB initiative was premised on improving New Zealand’s international competitiveness, yet Stanners argues we risk falling behind the speeds and services available in other countries such as Singapore.

“New Zealanders deserve faster speeds and better products than are currently offered by Local Fibre Companies (LFCs)," he says.

"Singapore’s Next Gen NBN offers speeds from 200Mbps at a price point that is really driving uptake.”

Stanners also thinks that Kiwis will get excited by fibre when there is a more attractive entry level speed – much faster than the current product offered by the LFCs – at a reasonable price.

“Many New Zealanders are now enjoying faster speeds on their mobile devices than their fixed line broadband – thanks to 4G – which is setting the benchmark for many consumers in terms of their speed expectations," he says.

"Yet fibre can and should deliver much much more.”

Following Telecom's approval earlier today, Vodafone also strongly supports the Government’s UFB initiative and recognises its role in improving productivity, New Zealand’s global competitiveness and the everyday lives of New Zealanders.

The Government’s discussion document can be found by clicking here