05 Jun 2012
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Vodafone NZ in talks to buy TelstraClear

By Mike Borgfeldt

Australian telco Telstra has confirmed in a statement to the NZX that the company is in discussions with Vodafone New Zealand about potentially selling its New Zealand operation, TelstraClear.

"Telstra was approached by, and is in discussions with, Vodafone New Zealand to explore the potential sale of Telstra Corporation’s New Zealand subsidiary, TelstraClear, to Vodafone New Zealand,” the statement reads.

"Discussions are continuing and there is no certainty as to whether an agreement will be reached.”

The statement follows a tweet this morning from business ISP Voyager speculating that the deal would allow Vodafone ‘to get TCs stock of 4G spectrum & consolidate the market’.

"Big telco shakeup if true!” the tweet concludes.

Techday’s own telecommunications columnist Simon Hendery had just last week speculated about a similar shakeup, although he proposed that Telstra might look to buy the mobile division of Vodafone, or even Telecom.

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