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Vodafone trials coverage and capacity in a box for corporate users

06 Jun 2014

Vodafone New Zealand claims its corporate customers will be the first to benefit from its trial of “Small Cells”, designed to deliver enhanced mobile coverage and capacity via a plug-in 10kg cell site in a box.

Vodafone’s Head of Networks, Tony Baird, says Small Cells are the stepping stone to fifth generation (5G) deployment, and hold the key to future mobile coverage in built-up urban areas.

“With urban networks now quite well established, and space becoming a premium on streets, Small Cells can provide a smart solution for businesses in areas with poor coverage," he says.

“We see the technology being particularly useful for serving businesses, supermarkets, localised hot spots, and places with high foot traffic like malls and food courts.”

Baird adds that Vodafone is using high speed 3G Dual Carrier 42Mbps Small Cells for the customer trials and that Small Cells will eventually support both WiFi and 4G.

Vodafone will begin testing 4G Small Cells next month.