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VoIP goes data free on Wireless Nation
Wed, 8th Apr 2015
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Wireless Nation is offering zero-rated data on its satellite broadband network for VoIP phone lines and partners' websites, in a deal it says enables rural New Zealand to embrace phone, rural cloud and agribusiness solutions without incurring any data usage or overage costs.

Initial zero-rate partners include nationwide rural supplier PGG Wrightson, rural insurer FMG and accounting and payroll solution provider MYOB.

Last month Wireless Nation inked a deal with PGG Wrightson which gives the agricultural company's 90,000 account holders access to special offers on rural broadband and VoIP, with the service promoted through PGG Wrightson's retail stores and on-farm technical representatives.

The broadband ISP says the new deal will bring the cost of its satellite services down by enabling customers to access the specific sites without them counting towards their data cap.

“We understand that satellite data is precious,k therefore zero-rated data is applied to all our satellite broadband connections for using your VoIP phone and access our partners' websites,” Tom Lin, Wireless Nation technical director, says.

Unsurprisingly the deal has been welcomed by rural partners.

Shannon Galloway, PGG Wrightson marketing general manager, says having zero-rated data will enable customers to access web tools they need.

“We've got o find more sustainable ways to do business to ensure our industry remains vibrant and competitive.

“Using technology which helps farmers be more efficient and effective is at the centre of our thinking,” Galloway says.