29 Mar 2010
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WatchGuard: Breaches will see policy introduced

ANZ Regional Director Scott Robertson believes that more security breaches will see official policy introduced in New Zealand and Australia.

WatchGuard recently moved deeper into the networking and firewall space, offering products not just to SMBs but right up to high enterprises too. Last year’s acquisition of Borderware’s technology took the firm outside of the traditional firewall space and into the messaging security market.

Robertson descried this to IT Brief as “Spam, content filtering, web filtering and data loss prevention technologies” adding “what we’ve seen is that the ANZ market is a little bit behind the US and UK in actually implementing policy to enforce it.”

He continued, “We have large enterprises and a lot of them have some very sensitive data, so should they be held accountable? We’ve seen that breaches are more visible in the US, so naturally policy comes pretty quickly after that. As soon as we start to see some breaches, we’ll start to see some policy.”

Following the UK’s recent introduction of fines for serious beaches or loss of data, New Zealand Information and Communication Technologies Group CEO Brett O'Riley told IT Brief that the NZICT would welcome any move focusing on improving cyber security.

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