25 Jun 2010
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WatchGuard claims "unmatched" cloud security

WatchGuard has launched Reputation Enabled Defense, a cloud-based security service that “provides unmatched web security” according to the company.

The firms says that, along with its XTM or XCS security appliances, Reputation Enabled Defense gives businesses “superior protection against viruses, malware, spyware, keyloggers, botnets and other web-based threats” as well as faster web surfing.

WatchGuard researchers claim that 38% of the web contains malicious code and that the number is growing. The same research also says that 77% of websites with malicious code are legitimate sites.

"Safe internet practices are no longer limited to avoiding high-risk websites or utilising black and white lists," said Charles Kolodgy, Research VP at IDC. "Criminals are becoming cleverer at injecting malware into innocuous websites, which forces businesses to scan every packet of network traffic, thus degrading network performance. An ideal solution to address this problem is the utilisation of reputation services, which leverages the cloud to mitigate web-based threats before they can bog down the network."

Scott Robertson, ANZ Regional Director at WatchGuard, added, “WatchGuard is the first and only security vendor to have full URL reputation services integrated with its multifunction, next-generation firewalls. While other security vendors promote faster appliances, the focus at WatchGuard is to develop superior security offerings to address the real threats and needs of businesses today."

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