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Will your business survive the upcoming IT apocalypse...?

24 Oct 2013

What killed the dinosaurs? What killed the Roman Empire?

Two of many questions asked by NetApp's Principal Technologist John Martin, who harbours a burning desire to help businesses survive the upcoming IT apocalypse.

Delving into the heart of the issue, Martin pulls no punches when warning businesses of the upcoming disruption threats.

"We often talk about paradigm shifts and game changers but I've been in this industry for 30 years and we haven't seen the same level of disruption as what is approaching," says Martin, a specialist in data analytics, data protection and disaster recovery.

Agile. Cloud. Software Defined Infrastructure. All Flash Datacenter.

"Most ecosystems can usually handle one disruption but these four technologies are set to cause multiple problems at the same time," says Martin, who forecasts an IT apocalypse by 2017.

"When you get a series of disruptions occurring at the same time, it means the processes and practices of organisations completely break down."

Disruption and change are constant factors in IT, but occasionally significant changes such as the move from mainframe to open systems bucks the trend - severely disrupting the way we think about, buy and use IT.

With over 30 years of experience in the IT industry, Martin claims over the next three years these four key technology waves will simultaneously mature, creating an IT apocalypse by 2017.

In essence, the shift is a perfect storm that will completely change the way IT and businesses think about the risks and benefits that IT can bring.

Change is happening - question is, are you ready to come along for the ride…?