11 Jun 2012
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Woosh doubles data caps

By Mike Borgfeldt

Update: Vodafone has followed the lead of Woosh by increasing the data caps on its home phone and broadband packages.

The ‘Ideal’ plan will increase from 20GB to 40GB, and the ‘Ultimate’ plan will increase from 60GB to 80GB.

The changes will apply automatically for existing customers.

Story: Auckland-based ISP Woosh has doubled the data caps on its Fastpack wired broadband plans, offering customers 20GB, 60GB and 200GB for $75.95, $89.95 and $109.95 per month respectively (plans cost an extra $10 per month outside of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch).

As an additional incentive, customers on the 60GB or 200GB packages can choose between free national calling, or an unmetered website bundle called the ‘chill-out pack’.

The move follows a similar doubling of data caps from competitor Telecom in April, as well as efforts to zero-rate data from the likes of TelstraClear.

Richard Fry, general manager of operations for Woosh, says the new packages are a sign of the company’s efforts to ‘continually improve our customers’ experience and still offer value for money’.

"Customers can now get one of these Fastpack plans and have double the data allowance they could have had yesterday,” Fry says.

The chill-out pack includes unmetering on social networking sites Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as Trade Me and video streaming site iSky.

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