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Woosh Wireless declares price war on Kiwi rivals...

By David Williams, 08 Apr 2014
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Woosh Wireless had laid down the gauntlet to its industry rivals, introducing an uncapped fixed line data product up to 24 percent cheaper than its competitors, with the aim of passing cost savings on to customers.

General Manager of Operations, Richard Fry, says that unlike competitors who have done "plenty of talking" about passing on cost savings subject to the review of Chorus’ copper prices, Woosh is actively offering savings.

“Woosh is in its 10th year as a challenger internet provider in New Zealand and we have always been committed to ensuring New Zealanders have access to the best value internet services,” he says.

“Our uncapped data product is a whopping 24 percent cheaper than competitors’ $99 offerings.

"Interestingly the two big players don’t currently have an uncapped product option.”

Fry says Woosh is in the position to be able to pass on the cost savings directly to consumers because of the operating efficiencies the company has made, its lower overheads and smarter delivery process.

“There is a clear recognition from ministerial level down through the industry that consumers are being charged too much and dealing with products which are complex and, at times, not totally transparent,” he says.

Woosh’s uncapped data product will cost $75 per month and will be available nationwide - a one off $60 activation fee will be incurred and will include a modem which the customer will own.

“In our 10 year history we have always tried to be the customer champion, whether through the provision of our value-based wireless products or now again our fixed line offerings,” Fry adds.

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