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Story image unveils Email Automation feature for streamlined support
Mon, 4th Mar 2024, a specialist in AI-generated customer service automation, has announced the general availability of its Email Automation feature. The feature is capable of managing high volumes of email-based support queries effectively, offering real-time responses and scalability in customer support. Notably, the feature utilises generative AI to handle up to 80% of all incoming email queries, providing fast and accurate solutions round the clock.

The Email Automation service is advantageous as it not only supports multiple languages but also integrates with's omnichannel customer service platform to deliver a holistic and tailored support experience. Such an offering is particularly valuable in today's business environment where despite the preference of many consumers for email customer service, businesses continually struggle with efficiently managing email inquiries. This challenge has spurred the necessity for robust automated solutions like's that enhance customer service and minimise instances of lapsed responses and inadequate responses to enquiries during first interaction.'s Email Automation service innovatively adopts Large Language Models (LLM) to comprehend complex and unstructured emails, accurately identifying multiple intents and understanding the object and urgency of the email. By identifying the user, it delivers a contextual response based on user insights, dramatically reducing ticket volumes by up to 80% and enhancing first contact resolution by up to 20%. The result of this is a significant 60% reduction in operational costs, mainly due to reduced expenses related to the recruitment and training of additional agents.

Raghu Ravinutala, CEO & Co-founder of said, "With Email Automation, we're revolutionising how businesses manage customer email inquiries.'s Email Automation, powered by YellowG, our proprietary LLM, showcases a hallucination rate below one percent for highly accurate and contextually relevant responses. This well-timed launch aligns with our broader goal to transform customer service by solving complex enterprise challenges."'s Email Automation blesses customer support teams with manifold features including Automated Workflow Triggering, Agent Assist, Simplified Classification and Seamless Integrations with leading ticketing and CRM systems such as Salesforce, SAP and Zendesk. Jessica Osborn, Sr. Manager IT Operations, Randstad USA, declared this feature a game-changer for businesses desiring to streamline their support operations on email.

Overall, With offering an ode to next-generation customer support, companies can look forward to handling email queries more efficiently and instantaneously, enhancing customer experiences while aligning with cost efficiency.

Headquartered in San Mateo, serves more than 1100 enterprises, including, Dominos, Bank of Maldives, and UnionBank, across over 85 countries. The platform is built on multi-LLM architecture and continuously trained on 16B+ conversations annually, enabling businesses to deliver elevated experiences and build lasting customer relationships.