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Your Partner in Digital Transformation
Thu, 26th Jan 2023
FYI, this story is more than a year old

When Plan B was formed in 1999, we were in a different tech world. But just as technology has evolved over the last 23 years, so has our business. The acquisitions of Solarix (a communications service and infrastructure provider) and ICONZ (a hosting and internet service provider) have become an avenue for us to expand and innovate the way we serve our customers. Our core offerings around business continuity and disaster recovery solutions remain, but now with an expanded focus on partnering for growth and robust resilient business solutions.

With growth, we have expanded our offerings to enable business resilience in every area by simplifying complex IT delivery. You may think you know Plan B, but we are much more than disaster recovery.

Our offerings, in conjunction with Plan B's proven historical expertise, means your business is connected and secure, and your business will remain operational, no matter what disruption occurs. With our suite of carefully designed solutions, we can expertly support all your IT needs. We offer a wide set of product solutions to help Connect, Protect, and Enable your business.


We live in a "get it now, get it fast" world. It's the main reason Plan B has adapted over the years to meet our clients' needs for "set and forget" managed solutions. Our hosting and management suite of products support every area of your business, making even the most complex IT manageable. Products include cloud, data centres, connectivity and network services, managed voice and hosting, backup as well as tailored security solutions. Each tier was created to help IT-managed services run more smoothly and effectively.

Protect What You Do

Be prepared. Things will happen. It's not a secret how profitable cybercrime is – it's our job as your IT partner to be at the top and bottom of the cliff should the worst occur. Backup services, recovery assurance, and security solutions all help keep valuable information out of criminal hands. But should the worst happen, disaster recovery plans keep things going. There's little to no patience for downtime when it comes to providing a service to your customers. Network outages and disruptions quickly go viral. The right backup system solutions differentiate between small interruptions and immense harm.

Enable Your Customers

Your operational focus should be on your core business without concerns over managed data. Secure hosting allows you to run a more effective day-to-day operation consistently. Services with a mix of dedicated, hybrid, and cloud-based plans maximise any investment. Managed hosting and voice are heavily relied on by employees and companies alike. Plan B keeps businesses connected and secure.

Protecting your business, partnering for growth and maintaining security are easier than ever with our suite of managed solutions. Plan B has been safeguarding NZ businesses since 1999.