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Zoom AI Companion hits one million meeting summaries milestone
Tue, 31st Oct 2023

Zoom AI Companion, a generative AI assistant, has achieved a significant benchmark, generating over one million meeting summaries in less than two months since its introduction. Over 125,000 accounts are currently utilising the assistant.

The company announced the future enhancement of AI Companion's functionality with new features, more excellent language support, and further improvements to existing capabilities.

Smita Hashim, Zoom's Chief Product Officer, states: "Providing the best value to our customers across our platform is core to our mission, which is why we made AI Companion available at no additional cost, and we continue to introduce new AI capabilities at Zoom speed, so more of our customers can get the most out of Zoom's AI innovations."

"Our unique federated approach allows us to dynamically utilise different models, helping to reduce AI overhead costs and provide broad access to generative AI."

From now on, AI Companion users can employ the in-meeting questions feature in seven new languages and receive brief meeting summary overviews before comprehensive meeting summaries.

Following customer feedback, meeting summaries now include a brief overview at the top of the summary in email summaries. This gives users a succinct version of the meeting summary in addition to the full meeting summary.

In November, Zoom will further enhance AI Companion with several capabilities. New features include support for an additional 32 languages for AI Companion meeting summary and in-meeting questions capabilities.

AI Companion will also offer users meeting coach capabilities, starting with speech analytics in Smart Recordings. AI Companion will extend its functionalities to Zoom Events, providing chat composition capabilities for lobby chats and assistance with email composition for registration, marketing, and ticketing communications.

AI Companion received positive feedback from Zoom customers. Chris Blackstone, Director of Digital Workplace and End User Computing at Convera, says: "AI Companion's meeting summaries and smart recordings are the first technological innovations in the last decade that bring us tangible time-saving, efficient benefits."

"People can prioritise specific meetings and collaborations while remaining confident they aren't missing out on competing activities," says Chris Blackstone.  

Lucas Oliveira, COO of Bizzycar, speaks on the topic: "Zoom's AI Companion Meeting Summary tool is helping us become better communicators. Guided by its impressively accurate output, our teams are more consistently adhering to best practices in meetings such as stating the objective upfront and clearly outlining and assigning action items."

"Plus, we were able to save money by offboarding a vendor and save time by not having to produce meeting notes ourselves," says Lucas Oliveria. 

John Georgatos, CIO of Mike Morse Law Firm, also comments: "Zoom's AI Companion exemplifies our vision for enhanced collaboration and innovation. With automated, detailed meeting summaries, it streamlines information sharing and boosts productivity."

"This inclusion in our Zoom plan not only improves efficiency but also yields significant cost savings, reflecting our commitment to a smarter, more connected future," says John Georgatos.