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IDC MarketScape
Alibaba named Major Player in commercial CDN by IDC
Alibaba has been named a Major Player in global commercial content delivery network services in the latest IDC MarketScape report.
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Mlytics recognised in Gartner's Market Guide for Global CDN
Mlytics has been officially recognised as a speciality-focused representative vendor in Gartner's Market Guide for Global CDN. 
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How to use an origin shield to protect your CDNs from DDoS attacks
One of the ways of preventing DDoS attacks is through the use of what is called an origin shield.
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Video streaming
Lumen Technologies & J-Stream bolster CDN services in Japan
"Internet traffic is on a significant upward trend and is expected to continue to increase in the future considering recent world events, the spread of telework, and an exponential increase in online events."
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Interview: CenturyLink expands CDN power across APAC
We talked with CenturyLink’s Asia Pacific vice president of product management, Francis Thangasamy.
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Monitoring has a place in your test-and-learn culture
Experimentation in the enterprise is being embraced, but how does one work out what difference it makes?
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Top 50 websites in Australia serving 'risky code' to visitors
Seven of Australia’s most popular websites served active code from risky ‘background sites’, says Menlo Security.
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Limelight Networks and Tencent Cloud announce services agreement
Tencent Cloud will offer CDN services from Limelight to Tencent Cloud customers in North America.
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ICONZ launches CDN network
The co-operative server network is designed to provide faster data sharing.